Does Cognitive Hypnotherapy work?

I’ve waited years to get this feeling

Lisa talks about the profound changes she has made to her life in just one session of Cognitive Hypnotherapy.

Through Sounds Positive, I’ve helped hundreds of people around the globe transform their lives, as a result of either video Skype or by using one of Sounds Positive’s range of self-help Cognitive Hypnotherapy programmes. One-to-one clients come from far and wide, from East London to Bristol, from Portsmouth to Cumbria.

Here’s what some of them had to say:

Work-life balance

Listen to Michelle talking about changing her work-life balance with the help of Sounds Positive.

Back on track

“Not all children have the type of dreamy, social, easy fun time that we all wish for them to have at school. Instead some have a really hard time because they are just a little bit individual. Lysette introduced a number of skills our son was able to use to help ease him through the painful times high school presented to him. He is now on his way to University and enjoying the pleasures and challenges of adult life”

Stephanie Ozanne, Marlow

Results come fast

“I always look to support myself both personally and professionally. I have made tremendous strides forward in the last few years, but felt a few “things” locked in my mind have been holding me back. I had heard of terms like hypnotherapy, yet wasn’t quite sure what to expect. I can say, that after attending just one session, it has made an amazing impact on my mind and attitude. These “things” were unlocked and off loaded.”

D.H. Willenhall, Warwickshire

Kicking Tourettes into touch

After a few sessions of Cognitive Hypnotherapy, the facial ticks were less obvious and easier to control, but this teenager continued to make progress and a couple of years later his mum sent this message:

“My son graduated this summer. He’s much more outgoing and confident than he was. He’s found himself a job to do exactly what he wanted to do and is getting lots of valuable experience. And best of all, there’s no sight or sound of the ticks!” J.D. Oxford

Rapid Improvement – with Self Confidence Hypnotherapy

“I did my homework for the full 4 weeks as recommended by you, but discovered (to my delight) a massive improvement in my confidence from about the second week. By the end of the course, I was a new man. I’ve never looked back.” P.D. Bakersville, USA

Letting go of M.E.

Jamie had glandular fever which turned to M.E. Needless to say, he missed a lot of school. With a little Genius help he was able to return to school, catch up on the work he’d missed and get the grades he needed to go to his first choice university.

It worked

“I was desperate enough to try anything and to my astonishment, despite my scepticism, IT WORKED! What can I say? Thanks!”

M.L. Raleigh, USA

Booze problems beaten – with Alcohol Addiction Hypnotherapy

“After my initial consultation, I was confident it would be able to help me moderate my drinking, which over time had become a concern to me. Over the course of three sessions, I was equipped with some useful everyday techniques that would help me in everyday life situations. It also helped me to untangle some of the underlying causes – some of which were in surprising places.”

M.S. Nettlebed, Oxfordshire

Improved self Confidence

“Today at work I feel so much more confident about myself, especially when discussing my work and I just cannot believe the difference.”

L.F. Newbury, Berkshire

Advanced Thinking – Emotionally Intelligent Communication

Losing weight, gaining self-esteem – with Cognitive Hypnotherapy

Does Cognitive Hypnotherapy work?”When I rang initially I asked for help with weight loss. I soon realised my weight was only part of it. After a few sessions I became more confident, self-assured and realised I was always trying to please everyone else, except myself. Also in the past I had been ill, now I feel healthy and complete, I know it is more important to love yourself and not necessarily the way you look.”

K.C. Marlow. Buckinghamshire

Self-esteem returns

“I’m in control now. I’ve got my self esteem back. Thank you so much for what you’ve done for me and no doubt, for countless others. Keep it up!!”

C.T. Johannesburg, South Africa

Easy Quitting

Many people, just needing a little help from Sounds Positive have kicked the smoking habit for good.

“I came to see Lysette two years ago with the objective of stopping smoking. I spent two hours with her, walked out and two years on, I’ve not touched or felt an inclination to smoke a cigarette ever since.”

S.C. Henley

Positive Outlook

“It does not seem long since I first came to see you as a ‘mixed up adult’ you have listened, guided and helped me to relax and understand the problems I was trying to face alone, hurt and scared. Quite simply, now I am not, unsure perhaps, but I am positive I will be able to cope with what life has to throw at me.”

F.P. Marlow, Buckinghamshire

Regain your focus – with Cognitive Hypnotherapy for Relaxation

“I have been using the 10 Minute Guided Relaxation Track most lunchtimes and I find it the best way to help me refocus on my priorities. This reenergizes me for the rest of the day to accomplish much more. I think this is the easiest and most invigorating way to spend 10 minutes of a busy day.”

Brian James, author, speaker and creator of the Brian James Group, Thame, Oxfordshire

Understanding reactions

“I’ve never had hypnotherapy before and wasn’t sure what to expect, but it was really just a very relaxing and easy session; I’d never really understood why I’d had a problem handling criticism in that my instinct was simply to clam up with the urge to cry. The session enabled me to find the place in my memory which was the underlying cause of this reaction and helped me to clear it up. Since then I feel much more confident in saying what it is I want and why.”

K.T. company director Maidenhead, Berkshire

Business success – with Cognitive Hypnotherapy for Business

“Having never done anything like Hypnotherapy before I kept an open mind about what it was all about. To my surprise I found the session to be very beneficial and helped me get a sense of confidence and real hope for the future of my business.”

J.P. Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire

Public speaking

Does Cognitive Hypnotherapy work? “I had always had a fear of public speaking and having a job that required me to make short presentations on a regular basis was becoming very stressful. I have had one session and it has helped to show me where my fear of public speaking has come from and therefore how I can combat it. The day after my session I attended a networking lunch and for the first time was able to present without fear and even with a little humour – huge progress! I now look forward to events such as these rather than dreading them which is beneficial not only for me personally but also for the business that I represent.”

K.W. Henley on Thames, Oxfordshire

Sexual confidence

“I have always had a problem with sexual confidence which is not always easy for a male to address, and also suffered from very low self esteem. I opted to go for face to face treatment and am so glad I did. I can honestly say that I now feel like a new person, as it has completely transformed my thinking and outlook on life for the better. I would highly recommend to anyone that is suffering with a confidence problem of any kind.”

J R. Reading, Berkshire

Satisfied Customers

“Thanks to you I’ve completely recovered my libido. to the satisfaction of my wife and myself. She insisted I mailed you to say thank you!”

G.S. Bergen, Norway

Stress busted

“Having had a very stressful week at work I wasn’t sure how easy it would be to wind-down however I was amazed how relaxed I felt after my session. I would happily recommend a relaxation session to anyone looking to de-stress or chill out and encourage them to find an hour for themselves in their busy schedule.”

S.C. High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire

Beating a break-up – with Self Confidence Hypnotherapy

Does Cognitive Hypnotherapy work?”The hypnotherapy sessions over the last two months have helped give me the personal confidence and inner contentment that I needed following the break up with my long term partner. My outlook on life has changed for the better, as have the people I am attracting into it!”

J.H. Henley on Thames, Oxfordshire

I like what I see

“About 5 days after the session I found that I had come to some firm decisions about my future, and what I want in my life. I was able to look at my living expenses and realised I could afford to do what I wanted to do after all. This then led me to ask what else was holding me back. I worked through this by writing down my thoughts and feelings. This led me to another realisation and then another and then another. It’s as if I’m finally seeing what’s really there now and I like what I see!

Thank you for all your help.”

K.M. Camberley, Surrey

Finally saying goodbye

“I now feel like I can ‘release’ my guardian angel, she can now not worry about her leaving me, and go and find a new life for her spirit. I must go up to her grave tomorrow and thank her for her guidance and love over these last 6 years. She forgives me…I forgive her – even if there was nothing to forgive. I am sure our spirits wanted to continue on the earth at this time together. It was not to be. You have really helped.”

C.F. Pangbourne, Oxfordshire

Conquer fears and phobias – with Hypnotherapy for Anxiety

“For someone with fears of flying and claustrophobia, I’m not doing badly! I’m in quite a good hotel but the lift is a bit erratic it seems. And it was quite interesting for me to find myself stuck between floors , on my own , in a shiny metal box, with the light not always staying on , a telephone that didn’t work , and an alarm that sounded like it needed a new battery !

Not only that the few voices I could hear were quite naturally in Chinese and I wasn’t sure if they were directed towards me or not. Any way, I didn’t panic, and felt quite cool about it generally and so thanks again!”

J.B. Bristol, Somerset

Time to move on

“My sessions were originally a gift from a friend at a point where so many devastatingly shocking things had happened to me over a relatively short period of time, and when I need every physical and emotional resource to move forward……and what a gift that was! It’s difficult to measure the effect of the sessions with any exactitude, except that they encouraged me to look at the situation and my behaviour in a realistic, but positive way, and to reevaluate my approach to events without panic or overreaction. I left the sessions with a calmness, determination, and most importantly lack of fear which carried me through.

The relaxation tapes were invaluable and go everywhere with me.”

M.M. Checkendon, Oxfordshire

Eddie speaks of exam success with Genius Material at Sounds Positive

Hear how Eddie passed his exam with 78% on the third attempt.

Exam success

A trainee policeman, Eddie had failed one particular exam twice already. He was told by his supervisors that he was probably not cut out to be in this job. However, he was allowed one last chance at the exam. After using Genius Material, he sailed through with a 78% pass mark. “My confidence was at an all time low, and I could not see how I could improve my learning ability and I was very close to giving up the training. Lysette’s attitude is fantastic, her people skills and way of thinking towards people, from their school years through to adult life is exceptional. If there were more teachers/trainers with Lysette’s skills/outlook and disposition, I think more people would find they have more to offer than they probably realise.” Eddie

Healing from the inside

Does Cognitive Hypnotherapy work?”I kept getting nasty reoccurring bouts of tonsolitis. It was getting me down and making me very stressed during my exam period at university. A friend recommended I go for a session, which calmed me down and helped me to avert my mind when I started to feel the symptoms of becoming unwell again. I am so pleased to say that ever since I went I have not been ill again and feel so much better for it. Thank you…really amazing and much better than a doctor!!”

G.P. Tunbridge Wells, Kent

Helpful thought control

“The session was relaxing and calming and made me realise how my negative thoughts were affecting me on a day to day basis. It has helped me to control these thoughts a bit more and replace them with more helpful ones.”

P.G. Wantage, Oxfordshire

So what do you think? Does Cognitive Hypnotherapy work?

You bet it does!

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