Sounds Positive CBT in Oxfordshire.My self-help downloadable programmes include the extremely effective technique of Automatic Unconscious Learning (AUL), developed by me, Lysette Offley for SoundsPositive.

The AUL listening tracks can only be used whilst relaxing with eyes closed, as they are likely to induce sleep states, some of which will be very deep. So don’t try to do anything else at the same time.

To assist the brain to gently and easily accept the positive learning, the AUL tracks have special frequencies buried within the other sounds. These frequencies encourage the brain to create the ideal learning state and so it is recommended that you put aside some special time to listen. They will encourage you to relax and you may fall asleep. Some people like to use the audio tracks to help them to drop off to sleep at night.

Anyone with a history of epilepsy should obtain the approval of their GP or health practitioner. Although good results are obtained with those of limited hearing, it is not suitable for the totally deaf.

The brain operates at a natural rhythm during waking at a frequency we call ‘beta’ state. As it is exposed to lowering frequencies, the brain responds by matching the rhythm and thus drops its own frequency, generating a state that might vary from intense relaxation to deep trance. This is known as brain-entrainment.

Sounds Positive CBT in Oxfordshire.During the ideal learning state, AUL is more readily accepted by the brain, enabling profound and effective learning. You hear everything – there are no hidden messages. And since the learning is most effective if you relax, you can really enjoy the experience and let the sounds wash over you.

AUL encourages whole brain learning

As you relax, you hear specially recorded voices delivering different components of the AUL experience, to each ear. The specific language patterns have been created to target the two parts of your brain – the left, logical part and the right, creative hemisphere.

Because it’s impossible to concentrate on all the messages at once, the AUL will bypass the critical, emotional barrier that has restricted your learning in the past. And, as a result, you will experience profound shifts and changes for the better.

Best of all, you’ll know you have made this change yourself – by choosing the Sounds Positive AUL programme that is right for you.

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Know your therapies

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